Improviz does not have a user interface, but instead runs a server you can use to interact with it. This runs as a basic web server on localhost:3000 which currently exposes four endpoints.

These are really designed to be used via a plugin in a suitable text editor. Check the editors section in the Getting Started document for examples.


/read POST request Any text sent to this will be compiled and interpreted by Improviz. If there is a failure then it will continue running the last working program. In the examples folder there is a bash script called which can be used to run any of the example programs.

./examples/ ./examples/simple1.pz

toggle text

/toggle/text POST request Turn the text display on and off


/editor Browse to this endpoint in a browser to get a very basic form to submit programs to Improviz. Mainly just useful for testing.

vars edit

/vars/edit/:name POST request Can be used to set the value of external variables within Improviz which can then be accessed via the ext function.


Improviz can accept OSC messages to set and change the value of external variables within the system which can then be accessed via the ext function. The format for this is very simple.

"/vars/<varname>" <int|float|string>

The OSC server must be enabled by setting the flag in the configuration. The default port is 5510 but can also be changed in the config.

Multiple variables can be set by sending message bundles.