Improviz is a live-coding environment built for creating visual performances of abstract shapes, blurred shades and broken GIFs.

It is fully open source, with the code being fully available at the repository on GitHub, and all contributions are welcome.

Browser Version

The browser based version of Improviz is available at, and more details available in the web doc.


The first step is to get the Improviz binary for your system. This can either be done by building the project from source, or more easily by downloading one of the pre-built binaries.

Once you’ve downloaded the release and un-archived it to a folder on your system, read the Getting Started document.

The following documents should hopefully explain more of the ins and outs of using it.


If you want to dig into the code of Improviz then the Development document may be useful.

There is also the Grammar document which tries to detail the grammar of the language, though that’s less important if you’re not planning to extend the language.


The Improviz Performance repository contains a large number of animated and static textures, as well as example patches that I have used and created as part of performances I’ve done. This will continue to be added to over time and will hopefully serve as inspiration of some sort.

hellocatfood GIFs

As part of the project, artist, algoraver, and all-round excellent human being hellocatfood was commissioned to create a series of animated GIFs that can be used as textures with Improviz.

These excellent and unique images, as well as some of the geometries used to create them, are bundled in the pre-built binary releases and can also be found in the hellocatfood folder of the performance repository. They’re licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence so can be freely used and misused for your own performances, projects, and anything else you may want.


There’s hopefully going to be some sort of FAQ in the future, but for the time-being either raise an issue on the repository, email me, or message me via some form of social media.


Drop me an email at


Improviz code is licensed under the BSD License.